Volvo s60r 2004 specs

Potential, But Failure.

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Front seats are the most comfortable of any car I've ever been in. Shifter feel is great, and MAN do these things go. Only problem is how unreliable the damn thing was. Little electrical quirks here and there, bulbs going out, HID headlamp ballast went out times in 6 months, collar gear let go after a few thousand miles costing thousands to fix, previous owner must have messed with it because it'd go into limp on high boost runs.

Handled excellent, adjustable suspension was impeccable as are the mm brembos. Just needed to be more reliable and I'd still have it today. Performance Sedan Best Buy — Very solid performance sedan package. The blue anodized gauges are unique and this car pulls strong, stops solidly and handles well for a big car. Front lip spoilers look cool but are low and easily damaged.

2004 Volvo S60 Specifications

Factory body kit, 18 inch wheels. Comfy sport seats. Bi-Xenon headlights. Brembo brakes. What more could You want :. I have under 50, miles on my car and am on my 4th set of tires. The body kit is low enough that if you pull in too quickly to a parking space you will hit it on the curb. I have let my friends drive the car and one didnt take my word of warning close to heart about how low it sits to the ground and when I got it back it was missing the front body kit.

Turbo charged cars respond different than naturally aspirated and its fun when the weather is cooler hard to come by in az and has a lot of pep. My car has 2 - 12" subwoofers with a large amp powering them around w and I have a kill switch for the power going to the amp it taps in straight to the battery and I had forgotten to turn it off at one point and killed the battery as I went out of town. Volvo's warranty covered the battery, something no other car ive owned bmw, cadillac, etc did.

Cons: cost of maintenance is somewhat expensive if you are on a lower income high school kids or college kids. Its Great. I Love Her. The brakes are great - 4 position brembo brakes front and rear. Lots of comfort in very luxurious seats in Gobi soft natural leather.

Fun to drive, more like addictive to drive. Cons: She is rather thirsty with flooring it 0 4. Build quality's alright, some vibrations from doors I listen to the music loud. Appearance is excellent, interior's solid. Mileage is okay, and maintenance hasn't been too bad.

Car's lots of fun to drive. Pros: Great power, good looks, decent sound, great front seats. Cons: Awful turning radius, torque limiter in low gears, poor rear seat space. The hp inline 5 turboreally kicks some tail, then the Brembo brakes bring it to a quick and safe stop. Handles like a dream in advanced chassis mode, but is really very comfortable in comfort chassis mode.

This is one of not many that came out of the factory with the sport body kit. Black leather interior is a very nice touch, not to mention the 13 speaker dolby pro logic stereo. Cons: It's an automatic, but at least it has auto stick. The reliability and design ergonmics of the Rs have set the benchmark for me.A performance car usually wears its heart on its hood, or decklid, or fender.

Scoops, spoilers and bold insignia shout out that this is something special.

Tested: 2003 Volvo S60R AWD

No scoops, no chrome tip on the exhaust. Even the four-piston, big-as-a-breadbox Brembo brake calipers are a modest grey.

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Who knew they came in any colour but red? Admittedly, subtle hints do exist for the close observer. The lowered ride height and the big, wheelwell-fitting tires and alloys inch standard, sharp inch five-spokers on our test car are two.

First Drive: 2004 Volvo S60R & V70 R

And there is in fact a pencil-thin trace of rear spoiler that Volvo says still manages to trim rear lift by 20 per cent. Open the door and you find similar evidence: dash dials faced in an exotic, silvery-blue; race-style seats in dark, is-it-blue? Thanks anyway. But floor the pedal and the inline five-cylinder, with high-pressure turbo, twin intercoolers and continuously variable valve timing on both the intake and exhaust cams, just pulls and pulls to the 6, r.

Never a problem. The clutch action is clean, the movement of the six-speed shifter, anchored in a slick, sliding plate instead of the usual leather boot, is crisp. Four-C for short adjusts pressure in individual shock absorbers up to times a second to reduce roll in corners, squat under braking, and other unwanted body movement.

While all this electronic thinking is under way, the driver controls the big picture via Comfort, Sport and Advanced chassis-setting buttons on the instrument panel. We opted for the firmest setting, when we thought of it Advanced defaults to Sport when the ignition is turned off.

Although the ride was hard enough to make the CDs in the four-disc player skip, we loved the set taken by the independent suspension — struts in front, multilink anchored to aluminum subframe in rear — on highway ramps and in fast corners.

Then, regardless of chassis setting, it could be any self-effacing Volvo sedan: comfortable seats, comforting safety cocoon, powerful audio system with a clunky system for the radio presets. But they are, we think, seeking more feedback in day-to-day driving, more exhaust rumble, more validating looks from other drivers who pick up on the visual cues.

And they can get all of this in performance models from Acura, Infiniti, Mercedes-Benz — just about every other carmaker. ForVolvo promises smoother damping and other refinements to the Four-C system, which will also become available, as an option, on lower-priced Volvos. More technical refinement? Always a good idea.

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But we think the R needs a dash more rudeness, too. Engine: 2. Trending Videos See More Videos.Subaru Tesla Toyota Volkswagen Volvo. Research By Category Body Style. Start a Loan Request Form Today! Used Cars. By Make. New Polestar 1 S60 S V60 V90 XC XC60 XC Used C30 C70 S S70 S80 V V50 V70 XC New By Year. Used By Year. MSRP based on 2. Filter Results reset. Transmission Automatic 6. Manual 6. Engine 2. Drivetrain AWD 6. Features Sunroof 8.

Trim R 4. Other 2. Turbo 8. Quick Specs. EPA Class Compact. Style Name 2. Drivetrain Front Wheel Drive.

volvo s60r 2004 specs

Passenger Capacity 5. Passenger Doors 4. Body Style 4dr Car. Transmission 5-speed Geartronic automatic transmission-inc: Auto-Stick function. Dimensions Vehicle. EPA Classification Compact.

Base Curb Weight lbs Front Leg Room in Second Shoulder Room in Second Head Room in Front Shoulder Room in I own an S60R manual and looking at your posts I agree either way.

Car revs high but no acceleration

If you don't care about what breaks then you should lauch it at 5k rpm and never let go of the accelerator when changing gears The power is kw! The acceleration is OK in terms of sensation. The motor is not very smooth and dones't sound tht great, even wth a 3 inch exchaust.

If you are a 'street'racer, first, get off the street. Secondly this car isn't fast when strictly comparing numbers unless you launch it above 5k RPM.

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The bigest dispontment for me is the ability to throttle steer the car and get good feedback from seat-of the pants roll and slip angle. I am onbviously doing this with all driver enahncements turned off yes, I did hit the required button 5 times. I've had many 4 doors sports sedans and the e39 M5 was th best.

I currently also have a Turbo X I bought the S0R 6spd man car so I can be conservative when visiting client and want to go out into the woldersness with mountin bikes and friends whtout having to put on and remove tmy Porsche Techuipment roof rack.

I have an S60R auto and also a Carrera S. The volvo isn't great off the line, although I have had a little work done on it and ran an offical Suspension lets it down which I am trying to address atm. Overall a great daily car, but I wouldn't pick it if I was in a real hurry, just for longer drives. Nontheless this car has ben clocked to 60mph in 5.

A typical driver would be lucky to get in 5. This car is not easy to launch, does not feel fast, has angle gear problems requiring replacement, and simply is not reliably fast off the line. Handling wise, be warned the turning radius sucks, the Anti-Skid DEM has been shown to fail and require replacement. Those that rave about its "speed" are S60R owners that are either disillusioned or being biased in my opinion.

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I do agree with others that state ambient temperature and gas quality affect acceleration. I own a S60R.Whenever our friends at Volvo stop by the office to lend us their latest and greatest, odds are good we'll hear more about airbags and Boron steel than horsepower and handling.

Volvo's first and foremost selling point is that its cars are dedicated to the issue of safety. Like contraceptives, they prevent unplanned things from happening, but they're not much fun. Nonetheless, it's a rep that has kept the Swedish brand afloat through economic dips and competitive tidal waves, although it couldn't prevent the Norwegian car carrier Tricolor from establishing residency at the bottom of the English Channel last December with XC90s aboard.

If only those airbags had deployed. We were pleasantly surprised, then, when Volvo product communications manager Dan Johnston and R-car line manager Hans Nilsson arrived in our parking lot with a Passion Red S60 R AWD and we heard the word "safe" right before "good-bye. That's it?

That's all the safety talk we get? Damn, this really is a different kind of Volvo. Highs: Three hundred horses and a chassis able to rein them in, precise shifter, Swedish good looks. According to Nilsson, Volvo forked out 10 times as much money on the S60R compared with any previous R model, the last being the hp T-5R wagon of That's probably why the S60R features horsepower, all-wheel drive, a fancy adjustable suspension, and Brembo brakes.

The S60R is powered by a thoroughly modified version of the hp, 2. It also means bye-bye to the low-pressure Mitsubishi turbo and hello to a larger KKK unit that more than doubles peak boost to The result is ponies peaking at rpm and pound-feet of torque from to rpm.

Although refined isn't its middle name-remember this 2. It feels coarse doing so, as if the engine were grating a big wedge of Parmesan, and the sound is strained and raucous, causing involuntary teeth clenching when shifting at redline. But the results are all smiles. Zero to 60 mph comes at just 5. Reaching the quarter-mile marker takes another 8. The engine is paired with a new six-speed manual that's a huge improvement over the five-speed gearbox we experienced in the T5, which had a vague, rather sloppy unit unbefitting a so-called sports sedan.

Conversely, the six-speed offers short throws, precise action, and narrowed gates, making quick shifts a satisfying snap. At least one editor thought the gates too narrow, forcing him to constantly ponder which gear was engaged.

Praise cannot be heaped on the clutch, however, which engages way too high and feels as if it were hiding a coil-over. This is not a car that one jumps into and instantly drives smoothly. The hyper clutch and the turbo boost require some acclimation time, but once mastered, the R presents few difficulties. Driven on a mix of roads, it is apparent that engineers gave diligent attention to the R's chassis, creating a sports sedan suitable for both highway and hairpin.

Each shock features one valve for rebound and compression and is instantaneously adjusted based on input from seven accelerometers placed throughout the car. Lows: An engine searching for refinement, spring-loaded clutch with an Everest engagement, steering lacks feel. Via three buttons in the center of the dash, the dampers can be set to comfort, sport, or advanced, the last suitable for racetracks or twisty roads only and preferably if they're ultra-smooth.This page is for personal, non-commercial use.

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volvo s60r 2004 specs

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Refresh the Autoblog page you were viewing.See all 3 photos. A pound family sedan with horsepower is not to be taken lightly. Yet the fastest, most technically advanced Volvo production car ever offered to the public won't let the driver do anything silly. More than sporting toys, the all-new S60 R sedan and the V70 R wagon represent a Volvo engineering tour de force--neither has required re-engineering of its production structure.

Volvo's safety envelope was already so rigid that chassis development simply commenced at the corners. Beyond the obvious addition of heavy-duty springs, anti-roll bars, and dampers is a new Multiplex system Volvo calls its Four-C Technology Continuously Controlled Chassis Concept.

At its heart is a Dynamic Stability and Traction Control DSTC system in which a set of sensors analyzes rotation and vertical movement of each wheel, steering-wheel deflection and velocity, cornering loads, and engine torque to establish correct braking intervention to stabilize the car. This elaborate set of inputs and responses is recalculated times each second. In fact, Four-C can actually "foresee" braking requirements as the pedal is contacted and will provide corrective information a few milliseconds before the pads contact the discs.

Chassis control settings include: "Comfort" for isolation from most road-surface irregularities; "Sport" to increase control, but allow isolation and compliance over uneven surfaces; and "Advanced," recommended only for Porsche club track days.

DSTC can make your lap times look better than you are, but it can be switched off for a broader angle of entertainment. Volvo's now familiar, five-cylinder DOHC four-valve engine has been carefully hot rodded to a useful horsepower at rpm. The turbocharger is 20 percent larger than the unit used in the old T5R, and there remains a tick of hesitation.

The engine's peak torque arrives at only rpm, however, and carries a flat curve toso the output feels satisfyingly quick.

Volvo S60R AWD Snow Test

Despite the performance patina, R cars are still Volvos and surround interior occupants with one of the safest structures extant. If you plan to test your own limits as a driver, you could do a lot worse than finding them in a Volvo R. Close Ad. Watch Originals.

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volvo s60r 2004 specs

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